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 The 1st Public Music Television 

Founded by Musicians For Musicians

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Established in 2020 by North Carolina music industry leaders,
Founded by: Trey Richardson, Angela McGowan & Jason Damico.
PMT was created in direct 
correlation and response to the international COVID-19 Pandemic. Millions of musicians across the globe are being affected directly by the Corona Virus Outbreak--countless shows and tours have been canceled, education systems and schools have postponed lessons and courses, and gatherings of 10+ people are greatly discouraged by the federal government. This single historic event is changing the music industry drastically as we know it. 


PMT's mission is to keep music alive and well despite the Corona outbreak by bringing North Carolina's/the USA's greatest music entertainment directly to you at home via streaming and Web 2.0 live formatting. We appreciate your support and we are all in this together!   


© 2020 by Public Music Television. 

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